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Sooke Decking, Railings, and Renovations

Canpro Deck and Rail is the premier option for any decking and or railing needs in Sooke, BC. Our extensive experience and local knowledge enable the best levels of service, whether you're on the ocean or in the mountains. We have experience in Sooke, and even through Jordan River and Shirley.

Vinyl Decks in Sooke

Vinyl decks are the best option for deck surfacing in Sooke, as they are immune to constant rainfall. Where other decking types will succumb to water penetration over time, vinyl protects anything beneath it and looks new for years and years.

Aluminum Railings in Sooke

Canpro Deck and Rail's aluminum railing systems are an extraordinary option for railings on your home in Sooke. Canpro's railing system is immune to rust, which makes it an ideal option for any decks near the salty ocean spray, or on any decks exposed to consistent rainfall.

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